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Should I Choose Marble or Plastic Saucers in the UK?

Posted by John Doe 16/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

As you probably know, pot saucers in the UK are very common amongst people who own potted plants. These saucers serve as a plate which catches all the composite elements and water that drain out of the plant through the pot. There are so many different types and sizes of plant saucers available. A lot of first-time plant owners have trouble figuring out which pot saucers they should purchase for their potted plants.

When it comes to the size of plant saucers in the UK, they simply need to securely fit around the base of the pot. The saucer can be a little bit wider than the base if there is enough room on the surface in which you have it on. Obviously, you don’t want the saucer to be narrower than the base because then the pot won’t fit securely inside of it. These size issues are typically easy for most consumers to figure out on their own.

The biggest obstacle people have is whether to purchase marble or plastic saucers in the UK. What is the difference between the two in terms of quality? Marble is the more natural material which is comprised of a variety of rock minerals and compounds. In terms of aesthetics, marble saucers would certainly be the most attractive type of saucers to purchase. If can add even more color and texture to the overall look of your potted plants. Some people choose marble to match the surface they are putting it on too.

However, the downside to marble saucers is they’re not as durable as plastic saucers. Even though marble is comprised of rock, they tend to get scratched, stained, and chipped very easily. Considering that you’re putting a heavy potted plant on the marble, this will easily increase the risk of damage to the material. And if you put the marble saucers on the windowsill where direct sunlight can reach it, the marble texture will eventually fade from the UV rays too.

The great thing about plastic saucers in the UK is they’re mostly synthetic materials. This makes them highly durable and resistant to UV rays, scratches, and stains. Just be sure you choose a saucer made from good quality plastic. On top of that, plastic saucers are cheaper than marble saucers. The only downside to the plastic saucers is their appearance. You generally have solid color choices to choose from when selecting plastic saucers. These can get quite boring if you want something that looks more interesting.