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The Benefits of Pot Saucers and Plant Pots in the UK

Posted by John Doe 16/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

People in the United Kingdom have grown to love the natural beauty of plants and flowers. In fact, they love this beauty so much that they want to put it in their homes. Of course, they can’t just bring plants into their home because they need a base of soil, water, and fertilizer for the roots to grow in. That is why pot saucers and plant pots in the UK are so popular amongst consumers. They purchase these accessories to keep plants alive inside of their home in order to look at and admire them without having to go outside.

Pots and saucers allow people to place plants in virtually any room or area within their home, such as their windowsill, dresser, coffee table, end table, fireplace mantel, and so on. Pot and saucers are usually used together in the same area. You would first place the saucer down on the surface and then the pot goes on top of it. Pot saucers give stabilization and security to the pots they hold. In addition, pot saucers catch all the composite and water materials which leak out of the pots, so they don’t end up on the floor.

For instance, let’s say you purchase garden pots in the UK for flowers that you want to put around your home’s interior. Even though the soil and composite are inside the pot, there are holes on the bottom of the pot where soil, composite and water can leak out of. The purpose of these holes is to allow the plant to naturally drain itself of water and allow air to make contact with the roots. Without these holes, the roots might die from oversaturation of water and lack of air. The only annoying thing is that the holes will cause leaks. Pot saucers stop the leaks from making a big mess inside your home.

It doesn’t really matter which type of plant pot saucer in the UK that you purchase. The only requirements are that the saucer is wide enough to capture the leaking materials of your potted plant and narrow enough to comfortably fit on the surface of wherever you put it. But if you care more about the aesthetics of the pot saucers and plant pots, then you’ll want a saucer which is not too much wider than the top of the pot. In fact, most saucers will perfectly surround the base of the pot without leaving too much more room.

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